Embracing the value
of the individual.

The more people are reminded of the greatness in who they are, the more productive and joyful their lives will be, and the more they will contribute to the well being of the world at large.

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YAV is a community supported
nonprofit organization

Y.A.V. is devoted to inspiring all demographics of people and does not limit its efforts to anyone because of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, socio economic status, religion, political views, geographic location, or handicaps.

The Mission

To inspire young people (all people for that matter) to see the value in who they are, and appreciate the same in others through community outreach, involvement, discussion, and inspiration.


A world where everyone sees the value in who they are and appreciates the same in others.

Words from OUR founder

As a young person I didn’t think the world had anything to offer me and I didn’t have anything to offer it.  I was being distracted from realizing my fullest potential. When I finally realized my self worth, my outlook on life and the people in it started to change.  By following my deepest passion to inspire others I began to ask myself, “if you peel it all away, what do we all really need?” “What is at the root of the many social problems that we face?”

YAV is founded on the principal belief that people are at their best when they believe in the value of who they are. When people know their worth they are more likely to embrace the greatest good of who they are and are inspired to help others feel the same. At the very core of who we are, we desire to be loved, appreciated and respected; we desire to be valued. This movement is not about me, its about YOU, it’s about us, its about the many people who go unnoticed every day in our society.  Now, it is up to us to let the people of our local and global community to know THEY ARE VALUED…

Ricky Roberts III
Founder / Willing Heart at YAV / Author / Speaker / Youth Advocate / Visionary
To learn more about Ricky visit:


Creating Change ONE Heart at a time…

Workshops on Empowerment, Goal Development, Promoting Compassion, and Building Community are shared in middle/high schools, community centers, camps, support groups, mentor programs and various events throughout the community. These initiatives build self-worth, inspire people to pursue their dreams, help define and set goals, cultivate peace by communicating the importance of having compassion for others, promote healthy ways to interact with conflict and motivate individuals to create positive change.

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You Are Valued is a movement of valuing others.  Whether it be the participants of our workshops or a stranger walking down the street, we are devoted to creating a more peaceful world through reminding others of the greatness in who they are.  The movement to VALUE others is one that all people stand to benefit from.  Please join our efforts; let someone know they matter today!

Everyone matters and deserves to know it…

YAV push cards are given out through authentic inspiration, involvement and recognition around the world. They read, “YOU ARE VALUED” (front) and “Never Stop Believing In The Greatness Of Who You Are.” (back). People are valued for something nice they did or simply for their existence alone, and everything in between. The recipients are often inspired to pass the card on when they are lead to. This empowers everyone to be a part of creating ripples of kindness in our world.

Be Inspired

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    Henna Hundai / YAV Teen Ambassador / Radio and Talk Show Host / Activist

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    Several months ago, Josh of Zen Glass Studios in St. Petersburg, Fl. expressed his appreciation for the efforts with YOU ARE VALUED. He then shared his desire to “value” the great nurses of Palms of Pasadena hospital for the kindness … Continue reading

    Palms of Pasedena Building Community
  • We ARE the WORLD…

    We had the great pleasure of working with a group of inspiring young people on promoting compassion and building community. In the building community element of our work with them, they chose to value the custodians that keep their center … Continue reading

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  • Building Community

    One of the workshops we do is on building community. We discuss the many people it takes to keep our world going. We then talk about how often we forget to appreciate one another as much as we should. We … Continue reading

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