I was on a short surf trip to Puerto Rico.  On the last day I stopped by one of the best food trailers in the area.  The owner is such a pleasant man, not to mention an amazing chef.  I felt inspired to give him a YAV card, so I did.  I wasn’t sure whether or not he got it, as he spoke little English, but sensed he appreciated the gesture either way.  I went on to finish my food not thinking much about it.  As my friend  Brett (who made it possible for me to be on the trip in the first place) and I were driving away from the parking lot, what appeared to be his wife comes running out, waving her arms.  I rolled down the window.  She said, with a heavy accent, “Do you have more cards.”  “I want to give more.”  “The whole world needs this.”  I said, “yes I do and I feel the same way.” I gave her the stack I had.   We both smiled and acknowledged the power of the message at hand.

I did nothing but gave her husband a card.  He then showed her and she understood the power of its message and felt inspired, in an instant, to be a part of the movement to value others.  YOU ARE VALUED is a universal message that people of all places, socioeconomic statuses, genders, sexual preferences, cultures, and religions stand to benefit from.  In it’s simplest form it is a movement of valuing others, which can happen anywhere any of us are, that we continue to carry forward in various capacities and ways.


Ricky Roberts III

Founder & Willing Heart