Valuing Our YOUTH

One of my favorite things to do when I work with a group of young people, no matter what the setting may be, is to ask them: How I, adults in general, can help them feel empowered, respected, supported, heard; valued? Nine times out of ten the answers are very similar in relation to how we can best serve them. Their answers: Listen to us, respect us, talk with us not down to us, try to understand us, believe in us, and don’t judge us for the mistakes we have made, and treat us like people not kids.

Our youth are a vital part of our well being as a world.  It is imperative that we listen to them in the best way we are able. The truth is, there are too many young people who feel unvalued and not just in the more “challenged” parts of our community, but in general.  The really sad truth is there may be some who never feel valued at all. The general sense of not feeling “valued” amongst our youth is almost overwhelming. When people are valued, they not only feel better but they are better. When they are “better” it is more likely they will want others to feel the same.

Take a moment to ask: how do I treat the youth in my family, neighborhood, at the movies, malls and parks? What do I do when I see a young person who has a clothing style I don’t agree with? How am I teaching the t with the life I lead? How can I better, not only see the value in who they are, but remind them of it? Thank you for taking your time to consider how you can inspire our youth of the world to see the greatness in who they are. Remember, young people have so much to share, to teach us, if we choose to give them the opportunity to do so.

The truth is: no matter who we are we stand to benefit from being valued. Everywhere we are, every interaction we have, we have the opportunity to inspire change in another person simply by valuing them. Our youth, our community, or world matter and deserve to know it.

When we encourage others to be their best we are serving the well being of the world at large.


Founder / Willing Heart – Ricky Roberts III