Valuing Others

Several months ago, Josh of Zen Glass Studios in St. Petersburg, Fl. expressed his appreciation for the efforts with YOU ARE VALUED. He then shared his desire to “value” the great nurses of Palms of Pasadena hospital for the kindness and compassion they emulated while taking care of his passing mother.  We believe the work at hand is not acknowledged nearly enough and welcomed the opportunity to do so. It was our privilege to partner with Zen Glass on the project at hand. Josh came up with the idea of hand blowing white glass hearts and attaching them to YOU ARE VALUED cards.  It wasn’t long before Josh rallied his students of all levels and resident staff to hand create white hearts just for the ICU nurses of Palms of Pasadena. It was a joy to see such willingness from everyone involved to let the nurses know just how much they do matter.  Although these hearts were made specifically for the ICU Nurses, we appreciate the entire hospital staff just the same and encourage the continued appreciation of them.

One of the most inspiring aspects of this particular project was not only the joy it brought to Josh’s heart to acknowledge the people who did so much for him but to see the appreciation they had to be “valued”.  One nurse said, “out of the twenty-five years she has been a nurse, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for us.”  Imagine that, this is the one time in a twenty-five year career that she witnessed people taking enough time to let them know how much they matter.  Now imagine, how many others feel the same.  We can change that, together!

Whether it be the nurses of a hospital, teachers of a school, server at your favorite restaurant, bus driver, and etc, everyone matters and deserves to know it.  We invite you to join our movement of valuing one another by thanking others for the great work they do in our world.  No matter who we are or what position we hold in our society, we can all appreciate what it feels like to be valued.  Let someone know they matter today! We are all in this together!