Building Community

One of the workshops we do is on building community. We discuss the many people it takes to keep our world going. We then talk about how often we forget to appreciate one another as much as we should. We recently had the honor to connect with a group mixed with elementary and middle school children. We had a wonderful discussion and did an activity inviting the group to draw a picture or write words to express their gratitude for different people in the community.

After further discussion, I asked, “Who keeps the floors clean at the center?” Who keeps the building looking as good as it does? Who makes sure the lights are working? The group replied, “Mr. Ed.” Our focus then became on thanking him for all that he does for the group. We also decided what better way for the group to experience the impact of their efforts than to have the kids VALUE him in person at a later date. We are currently planning a “pizza social” to let Mr. Ed know just how VALUED he is. Not only will he feel valued, the young people will too. They will see the power in building community by taking the time to let someone else know they matter!

The group was so kind and sincere with their appreciation for Mr. Ed’s great work. The one thing that stood out to me the most is the words shown in the feature photograph of this blog. This young person captured the very essence of our work, the power of taking the time to value others. Her words say it all, “Just by saying how are you today? Makes my day!”

Take the time to value others!

Ricky Roberts III / Founder / Willing Heart